I was born in 2011  on a barrier island in southeastern North Carolina. 

Painting and drawing has always been part of my life. 

2020 Galerie LooLooLook, Paris

2020 Van Der Plas Gallery, New York

2022 Urban Break, Seoul

2023 Urban Break, Seoul - Busan

2023 It's ready Space, Yogyakarta

My Work

I like experimenting with all kinds of media, but on canvas I mostly use a mix of acrylic, markers, and spray paint. 

My dragons, animals, and mythical creatures find inspiration in Greek, Egyptian, and Mayan mythology, primitive art, Japanese folklore, and modern Kaiju. I’m also very interested in wildlife, reptiles and weird fauna from remote areas. In my work I like blending together myths from various regions and epochs, with creatures and colors from the natural world.

What they say...

"His  instinctive way of painting and  expressing himself greatly impresses us! We strongly invite you to discover all of Nicholas's work,  his lively and primitive lines, colors and texture".

This  website features some of my most recent work on canvas 

You can direct all inquiries through the contact form here.

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